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HiDokei [userpic]

Entry 00: Introduction

October 11th, 2008 (05:01 pm)

Hey, you've reached HiDokei's journal. Please leave a message after the beep~

Alrighty! I've finally gotten this journal up and going!

This journal is reserved as a sketch blog for images that don't take long enough to be called art XD
(Mainly original pieces and the occasional fanart)
I'll also use this for personal entries and RP purposes when necessary

For specific reasons, this journal will be Friend's Locked, but I'm not a tight-ass,
so if anyone wants to be added, please comment this entry and add me!~
People with Deviantart accounts will be added without a second thought!♥

Have a nice day *snort*

--YuuUtsuko as HiDokei

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